How to delete Animal Jam Account permanently

How to Delete Animal Jam Account

Animal Jam is one of the famous jungle-based online game. It’s got designed for players like children and teenagers. It’s a safe and informative online game for children. But, in many cases, you might want to delete your child’s Animal Jam Account. Animal Jam has some features that let you disable your child’s account. However, here we will show how to delete  Animal Jam account safely.

How to Delete Animal Jam Account

Here’s how you can delete your child’s Animal Jam account.  just follow those steps and everything will be crystal clear. Please remember that, once you delete the account, you can’t retrieve it back anymore. Be sure, that if you are confident about deleting the account.

Step 1: Login to your Animal Jam parent account via a web browser.

Parent login page of

Step 2: Now select the username of your child to disable their account. Use the drop-down option to select the profile.

Player account selection drop-down menu on AnimalJam parent panel

Step 3: Now click on the Advanced Settings option. It’s located at the bottom part of the Parent Panel.

Advanced option at AnimalJam parent account

Step 4:  Finally, click on the Delete button.

The option to delete account.

Once you click the Delete butotn you will get asked to re-enter the username. Type out the username of your child and click on the Delete Player button.

However, you can only delete a non-membership account this way. To delete an account with AnimalJam subscription, follow the below process.

How to Delete Animal Jam Member Account

Please remember, deleting any Animal Jam member account will also delete all its related information. Just like it will delete all in-game animals, Demons, Gems, pets, dens and other items of that player. Once it gets deleted, you won’t be able to retrieve it again. So, beware of those before deleting it.

Although, there’s no direct option to delete an Animal Jam membership account permanently. But there’s a specific way to delete an account. If you truly want to delete the player account, here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Go to Animal Jam Submit Request page.

Step 2: Select Delete Account from the request type drop-down menu.

Submit a request option in

Step 3: Now you will get a request form to fill up with proper information. You have to provide the mentioned information on it.

  • The parent email address of the Animal Jam player account.
  • If you have an issue or problem, write it down on the next field.
  • Chose Delete Account.
  • Then, enter detailed reasons to delete the Animal Jam player account. You must provide the username and billing information of your membership. Like, you can provide the Full name of billing person, full address and last 4 digits of your credit card.

Note: If you have any image, video or document to show, add it to the Attachment section.

Step 4: After providing all the information, click on Submit.

Submit Request option at

That’s how you can delete an Animal Jam member account. Make sure that you have filled all the required box with valuable information. The more information you can put, there are more changes to deleting your Animal Jam player account. After submitting the form, you will get contacted via your email address.


Animal Jam is a child-friendly online game. The player can learn, discover and interact with others in this game. But, if you want to punish your child, then it’s better to disable the player account for a certain time. Then enable it later. As the last step, you can also delete the Animal Jam account permanently, by submitting a form.

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